Friday, June 29, 2007

Father's Day

Better late than never, I made a few of these cards for Father's Day. But being the loser that I am I have not given them out!! Hopefully I can get them out this weekend...I'm so behind!

Monday, June 25, 2007

John Mayer

So the concert was aaaaammazzzing! We sat in the 8th row and I swear he looked right at me during 'Gravity'. Okay maybe it was in my general direction, regardless we had a fabulous time and I was happy to have spent the evening with my wonderful husband. Ben Folds opened the show and he was really good. The best part of their show was a cover of a Dr. Dre song, can't think of the name but it was hilarious!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cards from A-Muse-A-Palooza Challenge 8 Card 3

This is the last card I made for the challenge and the simplest. I'm not sure if the Turkey counts as a farm animal but it was the only other animal stamp I had. I wanted to work on a few more cards last night but it was late and I was tired. Tonight is the John Mayer concert so I'll be busy getting arrested for trying to jump on the stage!!!

Images and Cardstock by Amuse Art Stamps

Cards from A-Muse-A-Palooza Challenge 8 Card 2

This is the second card I created for the Amuse Card Challenge. It celebrates 'National Tooth Fairy Day Feb.28th' I bought the Anabel stamp at Christmas time and was excited to use it for the first time.

Images and Cardstock by Amuse Art Images

Cards from A-Muse-A-Palooza Challenge 8 Card 1


is Card 1 for the A-Muse-A-Palooza card challenge. I found a site with some weird holidays and did my best to match them with the stamps I had on hand. Of course it's easier to look at stuff the next day and think what I could have done differently. This morning I came across a cutter ribbon that the plain green that I used...what can you do?!

In case it's hard to read this card is celebrating 'National Hula in the Coola Day Feb 1st'

Images and Cardstock by Amuse Art Stamps

Happy Birthday Card

This is a happy birthday card for a friend

Images by Stampin UP!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the demise of my favorite cake plate


So my favorite hobby right now is stamping but a not so long ago I was into decorating cakes. Which I still do every now and then for my favorite people. Today I am posting a cake I made for my son's second birthday. A little shaky but not too bad...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Nothing gets your heart racing like an Ebay auction! I've been stalking this particular auction for almost a week now, it's all I've been able to focus on for the last seven days. It ended tonight and with the help of my crazy husband, who got caught in the excitement of the final moments of the auction, I won!!! But he made me spend a little more than I had planned. Right....

I've been working on a few cards the last few days..hopefully I can get them posted in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So here it goes....

I am new to the stamping world and thought this would be a good way to share my projects. I am still trying to find my style, here's an easier card that I made. It was for someone going to a new job.

Images and Paper by Amuse Art Stamps