Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bonus Round _Weekend

This is the most stamping I've done in eight months or so. By the time I got to the bonus card my brain was mush, hence a super plain card. The challenge was to create a card that was inspired by 'weekends'. I choose the theme of this card because I regularly drag my husband to craft/stamping places. I wish there was a sentiment that said 'One more stop' I think that would have captured what I was going for. Then I thought about colors and I thought I would embrace the black and white theme of the previous challenge. It works for me!
This was a lot of fun I hope this will set me on the path back to the creative side of my brain!

Images: Amuse. Ink: Colorbox

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Lori Barnett said...

That is too funny!! I do the same thing...poor poor men! ha ha NOT! :) Love the card. (funny thing is now the boys know where to find us AND they know how much we spend!)