Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is the glass half full or half empty?

So last week I mentioned we were stuck on two houses and we finally made a decision. We went for the great house with a smaller yard. After looking at the big yard house it just need too much work. So we are anxiously awaiting to see if our bid was accepted, we are so nervous! So that means moving time, which I am totally dreading! I will also not be blogging about cards for a while because I have to pack up my craft window in my kitchen so that people are not turned off by the massive amounts of stamping products. We outgrew our house right after we had our son so the place is packed to the gills. We've decided that we are going to rent a storage unit for a couple months and unclutter before we start showing our house to sell. Hopefully my four readers while stick around while I'm in transition because I just won't be able to make anything until we move to our new house. (I'm being very optimistic!) The cool part about moving is that there is a small study that I am going to use as a craft room for a few months or until we are able to add to our family. Once that happens the study will go back to a spare bedroom and I will have to find a new craft window to perch on.

In addition to moving our little family also received some great husband got a promotion! This leads into the title of post, here's a some background and then you can decide. My husband and I met at work a few years back then got married. We were both in the same area but not in the same team. We've worked this way over the last five years and have managed to keep our private life separate from our work life. I love the expression on a person's face when they realize we are married, it takes people a while to even figure it out. So fast forward to the present, today we manage two teams and report to the same person. Insert fabulous news about hubby's hubby will be managing the managers who manage the teams in the area. Does that sound weird? Basically my husband will become my boss and that's a no-no in our company. To be fair I think it's this way for most companies out there. So I need to find a new job, which is scary in itself. Don't get me wrong I'm not being shoved out the door. The people we work with are very understanding and are really trying to help me find a place to go. I've worked in this area for 8 years so it's hard to say that this...but this is all I know how to do and starting over is a daunting task. I'm so proud of my husband but I'm super freaked out for myself. Wow, I guess I needed to get that out. In the end I think the glass is half full, we are in a partnership and what ever happens wonderful happens for him is wonderful for me as well. Congratulations, Honey!


Wife2TJ said...

Wow! that's great for him, but how scary to find a new job. I'm sure you will find something it's just a different situation.

Glad you figured out which house you want and how exciting to turn the study into a stamping room.

Hopefully everything would work out for you!

jennifer said...

CONGRATS on the house!!!!!
Can't wait to see it!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

All sounds like great news and although finding a new job and moving are dreadful, I am sure it will all work out in the end!