Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Stamper

It seems like I can't stamp during the week, too much craziness going on. Thursday night into Friday morning was especially terrible this week. I get home on Thursday and something doesn't feel right with the AC in our house...meaning it's about a thousand degrees in my house and if I move I will surely melt. My husband does his best to get things going but no such luck. Off to Home Depot for a new thermostat, gets home still no luck. It's now about 10 at night and we have a choice to or go to a hotel. We choose to deal and sleep in the home now loving called 'The Furnace'. No biggie, we get thru all that and awake to a new morning.

It's about 6:45 am, we're trying to get ready for work and hear a knock on the door. This is very strange being that it's super early and no one ever stops by. A nice lady had come to our door with my checkbook, she had found it in her driveway on the way to work. Yes folks, my car was broken into the previous night...DRAMA! No it wasn't that bad, luckily my husband had recently cleaned the car and it was spotless. The only things in there was the checkbook because who writes checks and some CD's. At this point I think I'm even a little offended that they didn't take the CD's. What criminals don't like...The Muppet Show soundtrack, John Mayer, Michael Buble or my super fantastic mix of my favorite songs?

Again not too bad because it could have been a lot worse, so here we are waiting for the AC people to show on Friday. When they did get here they proceeded to tell us that he could fix the AC right now but it would only be a temporary fix. Basically we were on borrowed time and it could go out any second...right. Obviously we went for the quick fix and will look for a second opinion. Fine, great the AC is finally starting to work and the slow burn it beginning to wear off. The last kick in the behind was a power outage that lasted about two hours completely shutting down the AC we had just paid to get fixed. All I have to say is thank goodness for Saturday!

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Rhonda Maynard said...

Oh my goodness Rose, sounds like you had a crazy couple of days! I'd be super cranky if I was you!! I hope you're doing better and things are looking up for you! :D

Big HUGS!! :D