Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blue screen of death...

There's a reason we bought two laptops...I don't share very well! Last year our computer went kaput and we decided to replace the PC with a shared laptop. That lasted all of two days, my husband went out and bought his own. Apparently he wasn't getting enough time on the computer!

Fast forward to now... and his laptop is on the fritz. He took it to Best Buy and it has to be sent off for 2-4 weeks. Which means we have to share one, so let the torture begin.

Images & Paper: A muse. Ink: Memento & Copic.


Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop situation. My husband was trying to share my computer last night while I was trying to get the new website up and running. Grrr!

I really like your cute card!


Jennie M said...

This is WAY cute!! I love the colors and the screen cracks me up!