Saturday, September 20, 2008

busy being sneaky...

It's been quiet in my craft room lately, actually I haven't even stepped foot in there in over a week. I'm planning a super bash for my husband's birthday next week. I was trying to come up with a theme and was really stuck. I asked some friends of ours what comes to mind when they think of him, they said...trucks, beer, tough. Which is basically all things 'Dude' and the theme was born. I found some really cute invitations with beer bottles all over them. I didn't have any beer stamps or I would have tried making them myself. I picked them up from Party City and they were ready in an afternoon! I found a cute beer mug cake pan so I'll be practicing with that next week. Hope to get back to crafting soon!!

About the title, the party was supposed to be a surprise party but am I unable to lie to my husband. It's a sickness. I turn into a 5 year old and he can see it all over my face that I'm not telling the truth. So the cats out of the bag!

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